Here’s the transcript of a conversation between Christine and John about the little town of Opp, Alabama, through which we passed almost five years ago. (151222-152048-christine-best-and-worst-of-opp.mp3)

JD: Okay, so what are the three best things and the three worst things about Opp?

CR: The three worst things are 1) it’s kind of in the middle, too far inland, quite a bit of distance from a major city like Montgomery or Birmingham. 2) I see some buildings that were obviously affected by some economic changes I suppose. John said that his friend claimed it was NAFTA. I saw empty buildings, empty office buildings, warehouses and things like that, so that’s obviously not a good indicator for the community. 3) Let’s see. I guess the only other negative I would find about it is obviously there are fewer and fewer choices as far as social activities and even shopping experiences I’m sure, because the town is so small.

CR: The positives are that it’s a cute little town. From what we saw everyone seems to be happy with where they are. I even asked some of the employees in the Mexican restaurant if they liked being in a town so far from a major metropolitan city. I always view them as people who would migrate to larger cities, so seeing them in small towns like this kind of surprising, but the one that I asked really likes it. He said he likes it very much.

Another thing that I like about Opp is that there is a lot of space, I do like that, and a lot of green. People have lots of nice Christmas decorations up, so it’s kind of festive. Of course there’s the typical smaller, run-down places as well, houses, but overall it seems like a really sweet community.

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