My Maternal Grandmother

Here’s what I remember about my maternal grandmother.

Her pies, she was obsessive about her beddings always being pristine but hated washing dishes and would always have a pile of dirty dishes for us to wash whenever we came to visit, she bought my sister and I our first bras even before we had breasts but I used to secretly wear mine at night when I went to bed, she also made my sisters and I flannel night gowns, always rode in the back seat of the car, she whistled, and when she went about doing her chores she poked her tongue out the side of her mouth, how much she likely suffered throughout her life (she had 7 children by 4 different men, was married to the father of the first 3), then raised 2 of her grand children until one day she sent (did not have a phone) one of the grandchildren to get her daughter who lived nearby to come take her to the doctor (she didn’t believe in doctors), and by the time they arrived she’d passed away.


… She was raised on a farm and had little education.

About Grandma

Elijah and Gabriel's grandma.
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