Pictures of Grandma’s Pets

Pictures of Grandma’s Pets

Gabriel and Elijah Robinson, here are some pictures of Grandma’s pets. She looks forward to the day when you get a chance to meet them.

Lucy and Lulu Playing

Lucy gnawing on my cell phone cover; teething. 

Kitty Poo watching on baby Lucy as she sleeps.

Aww, Lucy after surgery.

Lucy wearing harness and climbing steps for first time.

Lucy and Lulu playing.

Lucy learning to swim.

  Lucy with her first ball.

Lucy playing hide and seek with Lulu.

Lulu in the neighbor’s tree.

Lulu luxuriating on the blanket.

Lucy asleep on chair cushion.

Lucy in her first snowfall, wearing raincoat.

Lucy with her favorite toy, purple ball.

About Grandma

Elijah and Gabriel's grandma.
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