Christine’s Favorite Food

A conversation from 24 May 2014. Transcription below.

JD: Okay so tell me about your favorite kinds of food.

CR: My favorite kinds of food. I like stuff with different kinds of textures and flavors mixed together, not… and I also like simple fare… I like sushi a lot… fresh sushi… there’s a special ambience to having sushi, I don’t know… uh, what else? Today I am having pecan pie a la mode, which I’m really looking forward to with John at ?…oops I mentioned John.

JD: And what… when you’re cooking for yourself, what do you like to cook?

CR: I don’t really like to cook too much. I like to keep things simple. Um you know… I don’t know what I like to cook. I generally like to by when I’m feeling a feeling, you know… how I feel, what I want… I don’t know. I let just kind of let my desire dictate what I eat or cook.

JD: When you shop for groceries, what percentage of our grocery bill would you say is for meat or chicken, what percentage is fish, what percentage are vegetables, what percentage are things like rice and breads? Just ball park.

CR: Well actually that’s changed. It changes… like now that I’m sharing meals with you a lot, I think a lot more about meat and fish and things like that than I normally would… just like was sharing more meals with ? I thought more about meat and stuff. When I am eating alone and preparing meals for myself, I buy mostly fruits and vegetables and nuts… and things like that. My eating habits are changing really.

JD: And mine are changing the opposite direction because you tend to make healthier fare… there’s more fish, there’s more vegetables, more fruit, and I’m typically more Taco Bell kind of place… speaking of that, here’s my fried chicken.

Posted on Christine’s web site dedicated to her grandsons Elijah Robinson and Gabriel Robinson.

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